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We put ourselves as “Ontogene Network”-customer centric Software Development Company from India, operating since 2010 from Bhopal Madhya-Pradesh in Software Development. We started as in the verticals of Software Development and Maintenance, in 2010 with a vision to provide a quality software solution, At the same time being most cost effective option for any customer looking for a quality services. This all started with an out of a box thinking of One Individual in 2010 who has a urge for relevancy in life. This led us to develop relevant business software.


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Our Moto is simple Our software should adopt to your business, rather than your business adopting our software.

We have successful 5 years of working backbone in just development of our products which has led us to a strong functionality working and a huge data base which is automatically created over the period of time, and now we are certain that we can provide our clients with the solution they are looking with ease of mind.

Our Road

As usual it was all uphill in early 2010 where there was a huge challenge in front of us when we were contacting our customers for their software requirements, this again led us to a different but successful Idea of developing our own software solutions so that we are able to reach-out to our customers with their software solution, this required Time, Patience, and analyses and study even the smallest intricacy of the system’s this was the period of 2012-early 2015, when we developed our products and got them copy-right.

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What We Do?

Software Development and Maintenance. We are happy to say that you will get value for your time and money with us as we are very cost effective and reliable Company from India operating towards making software relevant to customer. Using proven methods of design, implementation, documentation, testing and most importantly, communication, Ontogene Network is one of the few Indian companies that truly understand the need of the customer and the need of the customer as his own. We always takes clients requirement as our own and this is the very reason that we relate to our customer requirement, and can be proactive in our approach towards archiving practical solution rather then giving impractical solutions to clients.

We believe that each and every design is complete in itself, and has a ton to say, the only point is how relevant you can make the design to meets the customer requirement. We try to think like a client to our customer before we design their website.

Development is the Key area of focus for us it requires a lot of out of the box thinking and Implementation with hard core programming skills, we have our own function library set of procedures and testing parameters developed over 5 years of our working.

To get what you want pin point accurately out of your software is what we work on. We have our products who meets your needs precisely, and we make them dead accurate for you before the deployment.

Light but effective Software services along with Website.

  • Date book for lawyers.
  • Inventory Management
  • Online Exams
  • Order Online
  • Verification online