Competencey development

Competencey development in OntogeNenetwork

Our Competency Building Benefits and the cost savings that we offer to companies through Competency Development.

Ontogene Network started the Competence development program 10 months after its Incubation, as rightly quoted by many HR heads across the country and also personally felt at our end is that there is a huge difference in the curriculum at different university since the same is not update according to the need of the Industry and what is being required at the company level. As our Managing Director has being on the both side of the Table during his Tenure in Satyam Computers Services as an location Manager and then at Kaizer Group Delhi as an Head of Operation and Resource Management he relates and understand to the exact required need of the Industry in Software, HR, Real State etc. In an fresher candidates.

Our Competency Development Programs and Module have being designed keeping in mind the current trend in Industry and we keep on updating our module accordingly.

Please go through some of the benefits and the cost savings that we offer to companies through Competency Development.

In Training CostOntoGene Network are training the fresher’s

We would like to emphasis on the cost is huge that companies incure after the intake of the fresher candidates from different colleges as we all are aware of the efforts that each and every company in the scenario is putting in the recruited fresher for their 3-4 months of training just to make them industry ready and are investing heavily for the same, We at OntoGene Network are training the fresher’s candidates in the technology required at your end according to the need of the company thus resulting in a huge savings of the money as well as Time.

Minimum liabilitiesTrainees associate.

The trainees associate those are already absorbed in your company can be directly deployed into Projects after a short domain KT this is the biggest advantage we are providing to the company as all the resources provided by us can be billable resource directly.

Zero wastage of Money and efforts.

The amount of Money and efforts put in to the training of the fresher’s during the 3-4 training months is substantial and if the fresher associate is unable to prove their worth during the training they have to be on bench as to improve their competency levels according to the need of the company this results in a heavy loss to the company we at OntoGene Network intend to save this cost of the company and the effort as we will be taking full responsibility for the competency of the trainee associate we will be making available to you.

Huge Time Savingsave a huge amount of precious time

Your company can save a huge amount of precious time and money that is going in the recruitments drives as to find the right associate for the job. We would like to you to know that you can conduct a direct interview or an evaluation test which is convenient for you to judge the competency level of the associate and that also can be facilitated by us.

Required Skills Sets & Minimum CTC.

The Trainee associate at OntoGene Network can be trained according the specific skills set required by your company if any and intimated to us well in advance.

Customised Development fresher candidates exactly as you need.

We will develop the fresher candidates exactly as you need them, this has being the edge with us for our associated corporate house please see the client section.